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Comfort Suites

I recently stayed at a Comfort Suites Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. The reception desk featured a large bowl filled with small Hershey’s chocolate bars for the guests checking in or checking out. Well done!

Comfort Suites Louisiana receptionThis is another example of a small added touch which positively contributed to the customer experience. The chocolates weren’t necessary at all. It was a little extra the hotel management had opted to give its guests.

Can you think of how this good idea could have been improved?

How about this: Instead of offering the chocolates self-serve style, what if the front desk receptionist personally handed out one or two chocolates to the guests? (with a warm smile, of course). This would magically turn the chocolate into a true “gift”.  The receptionist could present the hotel room key card and for instance say to the guests:

“Once again, welcome to New Orleans, Here’s your key and a couple of delicious chocolates for you”

Tell me, who doesn’t like to receive a gift?

Very often a customer service idea can be greatly improved by adding the magical human touch. I’ve personally witnessed the positive effect of “gifting” a customer as described in the post One Banana Becomes Three. For another example see how Aroma Espresso does it here: A Little Chocolate Goes a Long Way.

Sally forth and harness the power of the Human Touch!