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Last week, I visited a small town north of the city.  A local resident indicated that a special event was taking place in the town park, a small fair with craft booths, vendors, music, etc.  On stage was a musical group playing a variety of songs.  Upon finishing a song prematurely, the lead singer addressed the crowd. He said:

“I don’t remember all the words, well, we’re not getting paid”


The lead singer’s attitude translated to “Pay us and we’ll do the job adequately, but since we’re not getting paid, we have the right to under-perform.” – Small thinking at its best.

This is the antithesis of a Success and Service attitude. The keyword here is “Attitude”, possibly the most important word in the English dictionary. An attitude of Service means aiming high, caring for those we serve and taking pride in our work… regardless of compensation. How much one is getting paid shouldn’t determine the quality of the work or service rendered.

In my opinion, someone who possesses a genuine attitude of Service, possesses a “Service Mind” which extends well past the boundaries of paid work. The attitude permeates his/her everyday life. Again, it’s about embodying high standards, caring and giving.

Thanks Mr. Band Leader for conspicuously reminding us what not to do,