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About ACE

“Providing Awesome Customer Experiences goes well beyond what the customer experiences. The ‘provider’ and the world has also much to gain.”
Gilles Gagnon

Awesome Customer Experience (ACE) is providing customers with the best possible experiences. This includes all customer touchpoints, not just service.

Gilles Gagnon, creator of, is a customer experience guru who has a true passion for providing the best possible service and experience to customers.

Gilles has over thirty years of experience in both the corporate and private sector, both as an employee and as a business owner. He has founded and managed several successful businesses, with customer care at its core.

For years he has studied customer service and how outstanding customer experiences are created and delivered. Gilles believes that providing excellent customer service increases business revenue and number of clients. More importantly, it’s a way to inject care, love, kindness and happiness in the world. It’s win-win. A win for the providers and a win for the recipient/customer.

Peruse the website for interesting stories and a plethora of ideas, secrets and examples of what constitutes awesome customer experiences.

Change your customer care approach – change your life.


Who is Gilles Gagnon?

Gilles is a business owner and entrepreneur living in Toronto, Canada. He worked for several corporations for many years as a programmer, systems designer and network analyst.

Gilles has always been interested in the serving aspects of every position he’s held.

He started and operated several businesses and recognized that their success was rooted in providing clients/customers with consistent, exceptional customer experiences. Gilles created ACE to share Customer Service “secrets” with the world.

His other interests include: piano, music production, harmonica, cycling, theatre, traveling and exploring, learning Spanish, baseball, squash, and philosophy.