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Last winter my wife and I were dining at a Sushi restaurant. When we first arrived, we were seated near the door, which was propped open. Feeling an uncomfortable chill in the air, we asked if we could move to another table; our request was promptly fulfilled.

Let’s step beyond the realm of Customer Service and into the that of the “Customer Experience”. Restaurants’ primary role is to take orders, prepare tasty food and graciously serve it to their guests. But what about all other aspects of the customers’ visit beyond these parameters?

The waitress was now aware that the guests’ comfort could potentially be affected by the cold breeze near the door. The staff could have:

  1. Personally evaluated the claim that it was too cold for guests to sit at this table and if so, close the door

    and / or…

  2. Asked other guests seated at tables near the entrance if they felt cold and if they objected to her closing the door.

Imagine how the patrons would have felt when given such attention by the staff in terms of their physical comfort? The Customer Experience goes well beyond the direct service provided to clients.

Health care practitioners… how is the waiting area? Can you offer new ways for waiting patients to pass the time?

Banks…. How are your queues managed?

General businesses… How are calls handled? What happens when the caller is bounced to voicemail? Is your voicemail message as friendly as it could be?

These are just a few examples to help us think beyond the service we provide.